Zero Punctuation

I’m sure 90% of people who play video games, henceforth referred to as “gamers”, have already seen Zero Punctuation. On the slim chance you partake of the occasional interactive video … Continue Reading →

Numismatics in Archaeology

Fancy words for a simple concept. Studying coins found at a historic site to determine who lived there and what the site was used for. Using things as simple as … Continue Reading →

Wedding Photography

I recently shot some photos for Pinguino’s friends wedding. This one is my favorite. As I was trying to upload photos I found out how shitty the photo support is … Continue Reading →


How about another iPhone game review? Great idea! This time it’s Must.Eat.Birds from Mediatonic. Must.Eat.Birds is a fun and simple arcade style game. You defend your delicious picnic cake from … Continue Reading →

Getting started

So this will be my personal blog where I can post whatever I want and you can read it if you so choose. It’ll probably be mostly things about photography, … Continue Reading →