Fresh & Easy: Beef Teriyaki with Rice

I would think the inclusion of rice with your beef teriyaki would be a give, but apparently fresh and easy wants you to be certain. This is a very simple … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Pad Thai Chicken with Shrimp

One of the more interesting dishes I’ve had from Fresh & Easy. The sauce was sweet and… different. I wouldn’t exactly call it pad thai, but it was still pretty … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Alfredo

The cream of the crop (oh yeah I went there.) Finally a dish from Fresh & Easy that doesn’t suck in nearly every category. The sauce is, dare I say … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Chili Verde

Fresh & Easy’s Chicken Chili Verde looks a little questionable. The taste isn’t quite as bad as the presentation, but it’s close. The chicken is decent, but there’s hardly any … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Primavera

Definitely not the tastiest dish I’ve had from Fresh & Easy, but the first to be reviewed. The Chicken Primavera features the “microsteamer” plastic top. Which looks exactly like all … Continue Reading →

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I recently grabbed a copy of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After sitting through 2 install DVDs (seriously?) I settled down for some serious gaming time. … Continue Reading →

iTunes DJ + iPhone Remote

iTunes DJ and the iPhone remote application is probably one of the coolest things to come out of Apple recently. iTunes DJ appears as a new playlist in iTunes. If … Continue Reading →

SkySmash 1918

SkySmash is a great vertical scrolling shooter for the iPhone. It has all the standard elements: bombs, powerups, land/air enemies, and ridiculously large bosses. The touch screen works really well … Continue Reading →


Wikipedia has a wonderful description of the events that occur in Regulate by Warren G. The song tells a story in which Warren G., while looking for some “skirts” (women), … Continue Reading →

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