The Best Camera

Chase Jarvis, one of my favorite photographers, has a saying, “The best camera is the one you have with you” Which is a great point, what good is your $10,000 1DS Mark III if it’s sitting at home? The camera that most people have with them all the time is on their phone. With the iPhone it’s even a fairly decent camera. The controls and editing on the standard camera app are non-existent. There are lots of apps out there that solve this problem, but so far this one is the best. You can take photos inside the app, or load existing ones from your library. There are several basic filters that you can layer to create effects. Such as contrast, warm, darken, desaturate, etc. Then when you’re done editing there are buttons to share your photo on flickr, facebook, and twitter. Those three steps make for a really easy workflow to let you share your pictures. With a price tag of only $2.99 I would definitely recommend Best Camera (app store).

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