iTunes DJ + iPhone Remote

iTunes DJ and the iPhone remote application is probably one of the coolest things to come out of Apple recently. iTunes DJ appears as a new playlist in iTunes. If you fire up this playlist you’ll notice it grabs 20 random tracks from your library. You can update the source playlist to more party friendly music in the bottom left. So far seems mostly like the old Party Shuffle feature. This is where iTunes remote comes in. Anyone with their iPhone can connect to your iTunes DJ playlist and request songs or even vote up songs already on the list. You can limit the requests to one playlist or open up your entire library. Pretty cool stuff.

The one issue I have is there is no support for playlists in the iPhone Remote. You can search for songs or browse by artist, album, etc. But you can’t see any playlists. It would be nice to be able to separate the music out into genres to make it easier to find something you like. Especially when it comes to remixes where the original artist may have nothing to do with how the song sounds. You can create a folder with multiple playlists and select that as your source in iTunes, but the Remote won’t show them.

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