Is that chicken sandwich worth it?

It’s something I often find myself doing when I end up looking at fast food menu. I think to myself, “I’ll order the chicken sandwich because that’s healthier.” Seems like … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Alfredo

The cream of the crop (oh yeah I went there.) Finally a dish from Fresh & Easy that doesn’t suck in nearly every category. The sauce is, dare I say … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Chili Verde

Fresh & Easy’s Chicken Chili Verde looks a little questionable. The taste isn’t quite as bad as the presentation, but it’s close. The chicken is decent, but there’s hardly any … Continue Reading →

Fresh & Easy: Chicken Primavera

Definitely not the tastiest dish I’ve had from Fresh & Easy, but the first to be reviewed. The Chicken Primavera features the “microsteamer” plastic top. Which looks exactly like all … Continue Reading →